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John F Kennedy High School
Class Of 1971

Find the Missing

We had 434 people in our graduating class and 48 have passed away.  We are trying to get email addresses for all of our classmates.  Below is a list of the people who do not have an email address in our database.  If you have an email address or a current phone number for any of the people below, please send me an email at  Thanks for your help.

Missing:  123 people

Robert Abrams Carol Epstein Theresa Korn Sheila Polson
Robin Abrams Joy Eskenasi Robert Kowal Karen Popovich
  Jeannine Esswein Doug Krug Tim Post
Christy Alek Margaret Faeth John Kurtz Susan Pujdak
Steven Alper Sandy Fair Ed Kuzman Marlene Rabinowitz
Kenneth Arduino Connie Falzone Frank Lake Barbara Reynolds
William Bajadek Mary Fehn Joan Lantner Francis Ricchiuti
Danielle Barberio Lisa Feldman Elin Larson Ray Roedler
Kevin Barry John Fleming Rich Liebes Barry Roseman
Donald Baughman Debra Ford Fern Lipshitz Richard Ross
David Berkowitz Alex Franzone Larry Magarik Theresa Ruoff
Alan Berman Michael Giordano Daniel Marx Chuck Sanders
Martin Bernhardt Chris Goldberg John McCallister Alan Schiffman
Michael Bernstein Stephanie Goodwin John McCue Cory Schneider
Roben Besser Marc Gottridge Paul Mendez Ricky Schroeder
Carolyn Bodnar Doug Greger Sari Menes Andrea Sforza
Kathleen Brennan David Groh Robert Migliorisi Mitchell Shirvan
Alan Brown Barbara Hamann Kathleen Milanowitz Alan Silverberg
Jerry Burke Judy Haneman Joan Milbauer Kevin Smith
Lorraine Calzola Lynn Hartman Elizabeth Monahan Peter Smith
Joanne Capetello Joanne Henry Robert Moore Susan St. John
Lucille Capitti Patty Hesse Donald Moy Eric Tessler
Bruce Castro   Donald Nugent Mitchell Thaler
Michael Cirillo Denise Hoey Mary Nunnally Joyce Tino
Vito Colavito Georgia Iatrou Marcia Okon Richard Van Grover
Karen Creaven Janet Indorf Daniel Oliveros Stephen Webber
Lorraine Cullen Harriet Jacob John Palladino Cathy Welsh
Paul Deckelman Stephen Jarrett Fern Pardes Wendy Welsh
Carol Denicola Monica Katz Rose Perozzi Karen Williams
  John Kellas Scott Peters Eileen Winer
Larry Doheny Michelle Kiman Katheryn Picon Craig Winter
Kevin Doyl Alan Klonsky Joan Podewils  


In Memory Sad Updates

We just learned that David Wilson passed away 7 years ago and Bary Haar passed away recently due to cancer.  Please leave your remembrances of them in the Memory section.

Reunion Update (9/5/2020)

It's official.  Our 50th high school reunion will take place at the Heritage Club in Bethpage State Park on August 28, 2021.  There is an indoor room for dancing and an outdoor patio that overlooks the golf course.  We are having a cocktail style party with an open bar. 

We will get a block of rooms at a hotel so all of the out-of-towners, and any in-towners who want to stay over, can all be in the same place to gather and hang out during the weekend.

If the virus is still a concern next August we will postpone the reunion to a safer date.





Randi Martin (Kish)  9/23
Dale Cohen (Bruno)  9/27
Ralph McGee  9/30
Bob Davis  10/1
Kenneth Rosenthal  10/1
Bob Hinz  10/3
Richard Herrmann  10/7
Peter Musso  10/7
Edward Regensburg  10/7
Jeffrey Weiss  10/10
David Ciprios  10/13
Carol Fama (Goetz)  10/13
Richard Fishbane  10/16