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John F Kennedy High School
Class Of 1971

George Blouin Update From Laura Vandenborre

From: George Blouin <>


Date:  December 16, 2018

It’s December, and I’m finally at the crossroads usually faced by a teenager as she/he are deciding which schools to go to. (I know, I know, I ended with a preposition! Get over it! Besides, grammatical rules are not stuck in 1968!) I too am facing an admission dilemma: Where do I go next? I am facing a new life, and, in a way, I’m facing the same angst, this time without my first teenage mirror, a classical rite of passage, pimples. I have finished my first real hurdle, passing the Rehab test with, I am told by my instructors, flying colors. I got my “diploma” and now am facing the scary prospect of a new adult world. It is a decision mostly made by others. I can make my choices known, but the final decision will be out of my hands.  Sound familiar? But at 81, that’s where the teenage comparison stops.

 How to choose my new college is the next seniors’ test. I have the gamut that most seniors have, from Harvard/Yale to... you insert the school. Here money is always an important factor. My early admission choice, for which I had plunked down the required down payment, just rejected me. The valid reason? I required 24/7 assistance for bathroom matters. I now am facing my second choice. (Yes, there was disappointment and a few tears as I was told that, barring that one impediment, I would have been approved. Sorry, stroking my ego won’t change reality. Licking my wounds might. When I woke up the next morning I was over the “Woe is me” stage and entered the “Their Loss!“ and am now into my Columbia stage... not too bad a switch, and still Ivy League.

 My cousins have been to the campus, have an appointment to see the place, ready to hand in an application and a down payment. That’s where we are now, unless we have new development before this letter is sent. They advertise an Assisted Living level with 24/7; nurse level aid for whatever the Resident needs. It might be just the place, a sort of major plus status. But I simply won’t settle. Harvard’s rejection taught me an important lesson: yes, they have the first vote to admit/reject me, but I have the next vote with the same choice. I hope Columbia pans out., but the ultimate decision is mine.

“It is ours to wait and see. “Some Shakespeare quote, probably misquoted, but hell, a Shakespearean misquote is worth many others’ quotes.

 We are now in the month of festivities. I dearly wish I could have found a less hackneyed way of wishing you a Joyous Chanukah, Merry Christmas and a Happy What You Choose, and to all a good... oops! Wrong text. To all a Happy and Meaningful New Year!

I treasure your support... with all my teacher’s love,


George ( Mr. Blouin)



Date: October 14, 2018 

Out of catastrophe often comes new insights and new roads. For the last few weeks days I’ve been meditating on how my life was suddenly turned upside down and what it could all possibly mean. For me, an avowed emotional and somewhat nervous being, my perception of what happened was completely unexpected. Instead of gloom and doom, I saw a new horizon.

Coming out of a maze of hallucinatory experiences due to the heavy wqqwwqwqqzQ drugs needed for the three crucial and dangerous operations, slowly, very slowly, awakened to flowers and over 300 cards, letters and well-wishes. My room was called “the flower shop.” At the beginning, I could not fathom the fuss. It was only after coming to my senses that I began to understand the magnitude of the gift that arrived daily. There are no words of thanks that could ever express what I felt and feel. To quote a poem written by a teacher of mine : “ At times like these, words are but beggars at our door. “

It seems a bit presumptuous of me to accept the invitation to write to you about my experiences in the nether world, ( the various antics that I pulled while trying to escape have been circulating, including phoning 911 insisting I had been kidnapped) but, more importantly, keeping you informed of my progress leading to my second chance at life.

All my love,
George (Mr. Blouin )


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