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John F Kennedy High School
Class Of 1971

Hello to the class of 71’.

Having the surgery only a little more than 2 weeks ago, in fact after playing Rip Van Winkle for 3 days, I awoke to a new life ahead of me 2 weeks ago today. Now let’s take a trip back to Mattlin days. I always loved comic books. That said, the last few years I feel like Clark Kent and Lex Luther snuck a chunk of Krytonite into my pocket, unbeknownsed to me. My life force had been leaving me gradually. But we all know that Superman never gave up the fight.

NY Presbyterian was my home planet Krypton, under the Red Sun that little chunk of kryptonite renewed my strength and now I’m stronger everyday, a new lease on life.

To make a long story short, the transplant was so successful that I am like the Superman of transplants here. No one has recovered as fast as I have and I should be going home within a week, if there are no setbacks.

I will keep you all posted. Now when I think about it, you guys have always been my home of Krypton. Our friendships, team play together, competitions in gym, singing at the Concord, all the classes we were in together, mourning the deaths at Kent State and all our successes putting up 4 league flags in the gym. There’s more, I’m ranting from all the meds on. But our reunions friendships are what gets me through.

Until the next update,


Wellness update

Randy Lane had a heart transplant on Thursday and he's doing well.  He was taken off of machine supports and has begun the long recovery process.  Randy will be in New York Presbyterian hospital for at least two weeks.  If you want to send him encouragement, the address is:

Randy Lane
New York- Presbyterian - Columbia University
Irving Medical Center
177 Fort Washington Ave
Milstein Hospital Building
5th Floor, Room 458, Bed 1
New York, NY  10032


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