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John F Kennedy High School
Class Of 1971

Reunion Memories

The reunion was so much fun - as you can see from all the pictures!  Please post any pictures you have, or send them to me and I'll post them.

Special thanks to everyone who made the reunion special:

Ilene Halper - for her tireless work on the FaceBook site.  Many of you get your news from Ilene first and she has done an amazing job with the class page

Randy Lane - for being a force behind the scenes.  He 'encourages' me to keep things moving and makes lots of calls telling people they need to attend.  And people do attend because they love and respect Randy

Ira Zucker - for putting together the memorial board and getting our celebration cakes

Piper Perlman - for finding so many people back in the day.  Her list has formed the basis for the past three reunions and she found people before the days of the internet

Dee Cohen (Dale) - for helping to find people this year.  She called people whose email addresses were bad and also scoured the internet and facebook to find the missing

Robin Stevens and Marily Fox - our decorations committee.  They made the room look festive

Rena Sussman - for being a sounding board and having great ideas

Howie Mandel - for always being there for me

The class - there is something special and magical about our class.  When we get together we have a great time, when we connect on zoom or facebook, its always fun.  It was wonderful to attend the weekend events with everyone and it was also nice to share the comments from people who attended and who were not able to attend.

In Appreciation

A big Thank You to the following people for their generous contributions to the reunion and website.  We now have enough contributions to keep the site going for another ten years!

  • Bruce Schafer
  • Mark Hurwich
  • Judy Sherman
  • Rich & Ellen Lincer
  • Roberta Siragusa
  • Randy Lane
  • Keith & Joan Woll
  • Harold Salkin
  • Dee Cohen
  • Richard Herrmann

  They have donated money to make the reunion experience even more special and to also help with the cost of the website. With the advent of Facebook, the site doesnt get as much usage as it did 20 years ago when we started it, but it is still a useful tool for planning reunions and mini gatherings, keeping track of classmates, learning about people passing, and sharing photos.  Howie and I have been maintaining it, but we really appreciate the support to keep it active.



Alan Moskowitz  1/28
Sherri Calvin  1/29
Howard Mcnally  1/29
Roger Migne'  2/3
Bill DiDio  2/12
Michele Lerner  2/14
Lorraine Masone  2/15
David Silverman  2/19
Marilyn Fox (Levy)  2/20
John Scarpa  2/21